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Content Marketing is the content that a company produces and shares with its (potential or existing) customers.

It is distinguished for its quality, it is free and gives them motive to share with more users.

Quality Content

Content could defined as of good quality, only if it responds to customer inquiries, without directly selling our product (service).
Even indirect sales should be done in such a way that it does not seem that we have given
a useful piece of information in order to sell our own product.
Imagine you are with a group of people you do not know and discuss a medical issue that concerns you. Imagine that two of them are doctors. One gives his card directly and invites you to visit him at his office. The other, sits and explains to you, in simple and understandable words and doesn't even give you his card. It probably goes without saying who you would choose to visit.

The content should include both text, video and photos. It should motivate those who receive it to share it with others. In any case, quality content ,in the minds of consumers, is regarded as a reliable source of information that they will not find easily elsewhere. The result is the obvious: hen they want to look for something again, they will begin the search for the answer from us.

Basic Parameters

First, in addition to content, the key to achieving our goal is the pace of renewal. We don't say something just to speak, but on the other hand, we do not forget to update our information.
Secondly, we need to keep in mind that the content we produce is primarily about our website, but we should not forget about the channels that help us communicate with our customers. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are just some of them.
Basic Parameters
The visitor didn't visit our website to see how big the company is,
he did in order to find a solution to a problem, need, want he has.
From here Content Marketing starts!

We used to say ...

... to anyone we are discussing about building a website, that the visitor did not come to you to see how great you are, but to get an answer to his own problem, want, need. Maybe eventually, on the homepage of our site, content marketing can start. Think about what your customers%apos; query answers, and then start applying this tactic to all pages.
We used to say ...


Content Marketing is the process of Marketing that produces content that is useful to the consumer, relevant to our business, able to attract and create a “loyal” audience that will become our customer and even repeat customer.

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