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Are your customers talking about you or directly to you? And when they talk about you,

are you there to answer?

A big change

The big change that has taken place in marketing and communication,
is that while we used to talk to our customers (advertising), now our customers
talk about us (social media), we&aps;re not there to answer them.
A big change

What will you do?

Will you let them talk about you or will you start a conversation?
ΚAnd if you do talk to them,a post now and then, just to maintain you social media presence?
Considering that your business has a social media presence, let's look at a good and a bad scenario.
What will you do?

The Good and the Bad Scenario

The good is the obvious. Your business has a robust social media presence and your goals have been met. Well done! Now if you are not so sure that nothing more can be done, you can hear our thoughts and suggestions

If social media results are not as expected, you need to answer two questions:
• What were the expectations? Who set the goal and by what criteria?
• Should I blame social media or something else? (lack of strategy, wrong strategy, wrong approach)

Let's explore this further:
• Did you work based on a strategy?
• Did you set clear goals?
• Was the goal measurable?
• Have you checked your competition?
• Have you analyzed the quality characteristics of your post?
• Did you map your audience?
• Did you write a mediocre post at some point?br> • Have you consulted a specialist?
• Have you taken any action to promote your site (competition, advertising, etc.)?
• Have you seen the result? Did your sales increase? If not, what did you do about it?

The Good and the Bad Scenario
Being on social media is part of a comprehensive communication plan.
If your social media presence has no plan, it would be a sure failure.

What a successful online campaign needs

  • Right plan
  • Be prepared to invest time and money
  • Choosing the right medium for the right presentation of your benefits
  • Is there an online - offline actions link?
  • Is there any coherence between our "channels"?
  • We write, post, publish, simple, useful, understandable with a sense of humor.
  • We do not forget the values of our business, our wants, our goals.
What a successful online campaign needs

How do I ultimately implement a successful campaign?

  • I set goals
  • I recognize my benefits (area, facilities, people, services, facilities, etc.)
  • I'm learning (defining) my audience
  • I evaluate (choose) which social medium to move (and how)
  • I find how to connect with each other
  • I find how to connect between online - offline actions
  • Get Started – Get advertised - Answer - Analyze (statistics) - Modify (where necessary)
How do I ultimately implement a successful campaign?


  • Be honest.
  • Be inventive.
  • Be original. Avoid writing the same again and again
    as well as cliche posts like "goodmorning...".
  • Respect your customer (fan). Choose quality over quantity.
  • Be attractive.
  • Pay attention to your writings, but mostly
    pay attention to what they write to you!
  • Get involved into a dialogue.
  • Be where they are (mobile)
  • Thrill them.
  • Recognize your mistakes
  • Keep in touch with your customers even after the sale!
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