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We support the Panhellenic Association of Parents, Guardians & Friends of Persons with Visual Impairments & Additional Disabilities, Amimoni!
We designed and constructed the new responsive e-shop of AMKE "Amimoni’s Friends", as well as the Amimonis site.
The site is modern and structured following the UI / UX trends. The categories at the homepage are clear and informative, making it easier for visitors to navigate!
At categories, the visitor can find information about Amimoni, its actions, supporters and news. In addition, through a separate tab the user can navigate to the new e-shop of the Association. If you are looking for jewelry, decorations or gifts that you would like to give to your loved ones but also offer to other human beings, Amimoni is the e-shop you need.
You can instantly find what you want through helpful sliders and detailed search filters and check out with a few clicks!
The setting up of the e-shop is customer oriented. Τhere are useful features that make the visitor "fearless" to shop.
Finally, at the footer, the user can find the useful social media buttons, as well as the field where the user can subscribe to Amimonis newsletter.
All of the above, with the guarantee of the experienced team of web designers and developers of Eled.
AMYMONI has a new site and e-shop
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