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Eled sponsored the 10th Panhellenic Sales Conference 
Eled participated as Digital Services Sponsor at the 10th Panhellenic Sales Conference, which organized by the Sales Institute in Greece - IPE, at the "Hellenic World" Cultural Center.
The main topic of the conference was: "Quality Growth – Game Changers" 
The annual meeting for sales executives and all the Greek companies, justified its reputation by providing knowledge, ideas and actions on new requirements and new skills. 
We are very proud that Eled designed and constructed the new responsive site of Sales Institute in Greece - IPE (www.ipe.org.gr).
The site is modern, user friendly with responsive design. It’s structure is based UI / UX trends.
The categories at the homepage are clear and informative to make it easier for visitors to navigate!
All of the above, with the guarantee of the experienced team of web designers and developers of Eled.
In addition, the Certified Marketing Team of Eled was responsible for the Digital Performance Marketing of the 10th Panhellenic Sales Conference, through the management of the official Facebook Page as well as the Official LinkedIn page.
Eled sponsored the 10th Panhellenic Sales Conference
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