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The Hellenic Internet Company designed and built the new, renewed website of DAPEEP SA - Renewable Energy Sources Manager and Guarantees of Origin. Another large organization that entrusted the implementation of its new site, to the team of experienced web developers ELED has!

The new DAPEEP website, is very user friendly, with responsive construction for to play perfectly on any screen and device. On the home page, the visitor can at a glance find what he is looking for since all the important categories are arranged in the header.

One can be easily informed about the news, the Important Announcements, the Summary Information Bulletin of APE & SITHYA, the Monthly Report of Special Account of APE & SITHYA, the Auctions of Unauthorized Emission Rights of Greenhouse Gases while the area is located in the Common P producer login.

All contact details are in a visible place in the footer so that the interested party has the opportunity to contact the company directly, while of course there is a link to Transparency.

The Manager of Renewable Energy Sources and Guarantees of Origin (DAPEEP SA) manages the RES and the High Efficiency Electricity and Heat Cogeneration (CHP) of the National Interconnected System, as well as the Electricity Guarantees that have been provided by Electricity. He is the auctioneer of the rights of pollutants in Greece, while at the same time he functions as a Cumulative Representation Body (FOSE) of RES producers.

It is the evolution of the Electricity Market Officer (LAGIE SA) and was created in order to meet the modern challenges in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, while at the same time it is the largest shareholder in the Hellenic Energy Exchange (ERA) and the second largest seller after PPC in the Electricity Market (UN) operated by the ERA.

New, renewed website of DAPEEP SA
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