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The Hellenic Internet Company has successfully completed the design and construction of the new site of the Athens Diagnostic Center

The Athens Diagnostic Center has state-of-the-art analysts of hospital specifications, while the well-trained medical staff covers even the most specialized examinations.
In the services, the possibility of home blood sampling stands out, the specialization in the blood collection of infants / children (there is a specially designed space) while there is (after an appointment)a sperm collection area as well.

The experienced web developers and web designers of ELED gave their best, building a site with the latest generation UI / UX with a look and structure that stands out!

As with any site curated by ELED, the tour is very friendly, has a responsive design and plays perfectly everywhere, regardless of device or screen.

The certified Marketing team of ELED is responsible for the Digital Performance Marketing of the Athens Diagnostic Center.

New website for Athens Diagnostic Center
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