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ELED has successfully completed the design and construction of the new and minimal aesthetic site of the Pantokrator Hotel.

Northeast of Corfu town in Barbati, in one of the most picturesque villages on the island of Corfu, Pantokrator Hotel is located at the foot of the impressive mountain Pantokrator. Pantokrator Hotel is built in a typical Mediterranean architectural style, where the amphitheater layout of the block rooms offers a village-style setting and stunning views. The 102 rooms are in boutique style each with its own unique character. The interior decoration makes them special, while the large balconies with stunning views of the Ionian Sea, the city of Corfu, mainland Greece and the Albanian coastline ensure a quiet carefree summer vacation.

The hotel's new website has been built by the web developers and web designers of ELED and has the latest generation UI / UX. It has high aesthetics, in accordance with the aesthetics of the customer, the navigation is very user friendly, with responsive construction to play perfectly on any screen and device.
On the home page, the visitor can at a glance find the services provided, since all the important categories are arranged in the header. On the website the visitor can find photos of the hotel and the landscape to have a complete picture.


Pantokrator Hotel has new site
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