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The coveted subsidy for building an online store for retail businesses is a fact. Under the name e-lianiko, the action subsidises 100% the retail businesses, for the construction of e-shop, software, equipment and advertising.

According to the Pre-Publication of the Grant Program "e-lianiko", the following can submit a proposal:

Medium, small and very small enterprises, which are active in the Retail sector, maintain a physical store and their operation has suspended for at least one day from Wednesday 18 March 2020 onwards.

The basic conditions for the participation of companies that submit an investment proposal are the following:

  • having RETAIL as the Main activit (KAD 47 and its ddetailed codes with the exception of the fisheries sector and the marketing of tobacco and tobacco products)
  • to maintain a Physical Retail Store, ie a commercial space that welcomes and serves customers,
  • have suspended their operation for at least one day between Wednesday 18 March 2020 onwards,
  • to submit one investment proposal per TIN
  • the total amount of aid de minimis received by the undertaking in the past, including aid under this Action, should not exceed € 200,000 over a period of three years
  • to meet the conditions of application of Reg. 1407/2013.
  • have completed (implementation, invoicing, payment and accounting of related expenses) the period from 18/03/2020 until the submission of the application, the creation or upgrade of an online store.

The online store that will meet at least the following conditions:

  • will work in two languages as well as in mobile responsive environment
  • will be accompanied by ordering, warehousing and electronic payment software
  • will ensure the access of people with disability to all the electronic services offered


Each company will be awarded a total grant up to the amount of 5,000.00 € for the acquisition of IT equipment and the implementation of intangible actions (Software / services) in order to develop / upgrade and manage an online store . The eligible costs of the Action are as follows:

  1. Servers for hosting applications - software, with its accompanying components (keyboards, monitors, etc.) and the required operating system system. Acquisition in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) is also permitted
  2. Computers (Desktop / Laptop)
  3. Other technology equipment related to the creation / upgrade and operation of an online store (eg Network equipment, Bar code readers, printers, etc.)
  4. e-shop design, development / upgrade and management services (will be available in 2 languages​​, as well as in mobile responsive environment - mobile responsive or dedicated mobile version and will be accompanied by the following software: ordering, warehousing and electronic payments, hosting, etc.
  5. Development and / or certification of digital security policy.

ATTENTION! In the case of upgrading an existing online store, equipment procurement costs are not eligible.

You can download the detailed Grant Program Pre-Publishing “e-lianiko”, here

If you are interested in building an online store, contact us.

See if your business is subsidized for e-shop 100%
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