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What they say about us, testimonials, or otherwise ...

... they know us better than our mother.

And how it could be done differently. We do not do business with our mother!
People who know us, who have collaborated with the Hellenic Internet Company, speak for us spontaneously and honestly (we didn't even have to use ...)

In the age of the dominance of forgery, emptiness, show-off, semi-learning and cheap impressions in the field of digital marketing, there are islands of seriousness, moderation, productivity, honesty and skills for projects that fit into the world of marketing through digital.

With these values ​​as a guide, the team of ELED contributes to the communication plan of our customers and to our business dream. Thanks.

Costis Biskinis – Communication Factory
Communication Factory

ELED is one of the "sections" of Make-A-Wish! This is how we feel. This is how we feel because this is how they have made us feel. From the first acquaintance (numb due to the fact that we had a lot to ask for and even more to make) until today they have stood and stand by us as consultants, as creators, as designers, as developers, as friends and partners. They treat us in all our contacts as if we were a regular and in fact rather demanding "customer".

Apart from the stability with which they listen to us (there is no meaning of missed mail or missed call to them), they often protect us from movements that may impress us and we may want to imitate them but present issues for improvement. It is a team that works sympathetically and for the benefit of the customer primarily (even if this may temporarily deprive them of some extra pay they will always prefer to choose a solution more advantageous and efficient for the company they serve). I am grateful that they were on our way and I thank them from the bottom of our hearts!

Sandra Zafeirakopoulou - Make-A-Wish

When a pro bono partnership starts with a non-profit organization, you understand that the people of ELED belong to this rare category that has social sensitivity. When along the way, through various projects, you see the consistency, the strategic approach, but also the quality of their work, you understand that you are dealing with excellent professionals who over time have not lost their values. I consider that ELED is one of the companies that really stand out in their field.

Ioannis Terpsidis - Impact

We collaborated with ELED for the construction of a microsite for an Internal Communication project of a specific duration. Excellent cooperation, direct communication and response. And most important of all, on time deliverables!

Zeta Foufoula - HELPE

In September 2020 we completed the creation of our new website where it was our first collaboration with ELED. Very quickly and with great joy we realized that we had now found the right partner! The team as a whole is characterized by ethos & professionalism. I believe that after 3 websites that we have created in the last 6 years, we are able to properly evaluate the services of ELED to conclude the fact that we consider them partners and to plan new work together.

Panagiotis, Alexandra, Meropi & Apostolos thank you very much!

Tasos Perikis - Praxis Real Estate

Courtesy, professionalism, seriousness in approach and excellent service in everything.

Extra "plus" the absolute adherence to the schedule and the 24/7 service in questions and more.

Gerasimos Manolidis - SPORTIME (sportime.gr)

Our cooperation with the Hellenic Internet Company (ELED) could be characterized by only one word: reliability. But because a single word is unfair to both the nature of the collaboration and its derivatives, I would like to quote a few more: purposefulness, ingenuity, know-how and flexibility. There are no problems he can not solve, obstacles he can not knock down! ELED manages to implement innovative ideas that are at the same time sustainable and user-friendly. ELED knows and respects the dynamics of each company and adapts its services so that the customer is served first and foremost. And it achieves all this through the kindness and dedication of its executives!

Athena Peristeropoulou - American Farm Agriculture
American Farm Agriculture

It is important that your partners see your vision and be by your side at every step.
ELED with consistency, professionalism and inspiration adds value to every project.

Chondronassiou Maria - Amimoni

ELED "saw" our vision and captured it in the best way, designing a modern and dynamic website, with different levels, that meets the expectations of the Greek Guiding Association, an organization aimed at children and young people.
From our first acquaintance until today, ELED has stood by us, willing to face any of our concerns or concerns, to provide solutions, to listen to our ideas and thoughts, with professionalism, consistency and a friendly attitude.
Regarding the implementation time we have no complaints. Even when, through our own fault, we were not very consistent in our times, our cooperation was excellent.
The people of ELED are characterized by professionalism, immediacy, consistency, courtesy, willingness to serve!
The overall experience of our cooperation with the Hellenic Internet Company, leaves us only positive impressions. The project was difficult and demanding but the result of the website satisfied all of us. From our side, a big thank you to the whole team of ELED and we are sure that our cooperation will last over time.

Kiki Katoufa, Christina Antzia, Maria Youtsou - Greek Guiding Association

With the Hellenic Internet Company, we cooperate both in terms of marketing and the construction of the website.
The quality of the services is excellent and fully meets my expectations.
The service during the construction of the website was excellent and immediate and the implementation time was completely in line with what was agreed.
The people of ELED are characterized by professionalism, courtesy, ethos.
I am absolutely satisfied at all levels with my cooperation with ELED

Vania Stafyla, Breast Surgeon www.stafyla.gr

Consistency and Professionalism I think are the words that best describe ELED. Excellent partners who are able to diagnose the real needs of the client, and with their advice, ideas and appropriate support, the result they achieve is always amazing !!!!

Panagiota Anastasiou - Inesis Group
Inesis Group

Our partners are the most important tool in the development of our business. The team of ELED is always by our side with substantial interventions and useful tips.
Panagiotis Vana and of course Apostolos helped me make leaps and bounds, let the experts guide you in the best possible way.
Thanks to the whole team we still have a lot to do ....

Nicholas Goumas - Lefkada Holiday Planner
Lefkada Holiday Planner

Our cooperation with ELED is a very pleasant experience. The team of people of ELED, from our very first contact, gave us to understand that we are dealing with professionals who do exactly what they promise and even more! Original ideas, respect for the customer, honesty and passion, some of the characteristics of this excellent team.

Tsaldaris Nikos - KRIKRI

My company's cooperation with ELED only brings positive thoughts to my mind. In our first meeting I already met the management with the project team and saw samples of their excellent work. The high quality of the people who make up the company is unique. The project team was in constant communication with follow-ups, in order for the result to be the desired one, which was confirmed by the positive comments of the clients, who, before coming to my company's offices, already had a clear picture of the company, the projects and of the people who make it up. Thank you very much for everything.

Antonis Mpakogiannis - MPAKOGIANNIS Constructions L.P.
MPAKOGIANNIS Constructions L.P.

ELED is a reliable company whose innovative ideas and prompt response to requests from us and our customers, have helped our company grow and stand out in the demanding and complex online shopping environment. The people of ELED are capable, friendly and pleasant, ready to listen to our concerns and always offer solutions. The long-term cooperation with ELED improved the image of the company, helped to establish the brand and has left us only positive impressions!

Daizi Ratsou - Sostar

During the development of our new site, the people of ELED cooperated flawlessly and with professionalism. The emphasis on detail, the excellent and friendly communication but also the way to give solutions to what the specific project required are some of the elements that characterize them.

Tina Ekmektzoglou - Eurochartiki S.A.
Eurochartiki S.A.

ELED for us is not a company in general and impersonal. They are friendly and familiar people, like Panagiotis, they are polite voices that whatever has happened to you make you feel that everything will go well. And go! It is always here (even if it is somewhere there) for us. Our cooperation flows effortlessly, quickly and with the best results.

Evina Malandri - SDE

We thank the company ELED for the wonderful result. When you are happy with the cooperation you do it again and again .... And then the relationship from professional turns into friendly and you do not expect anything less than the best, because you are the best! Thanks!

Anta Manousaki - Acqua Design
Acqua Design

Our relationship with ELED lasts happily for 11 years (since 2009). From the first moment, they won us over with their professionalism, their honesty, their humanity. So 11 years later, only the best can be said for this great team. He is "our e-partner on the internet". That's how we met them and that's how it is. We have built 5 websites with them, we rebuilt them, we assigned them digital marketing με We became friends, through work. Thank you for everything!

Vassilis Nakos - Nakos SA, electroshop.gr
Nakos SA, electroshop.gr

Our professional relationship with the Hellenic Internet Company existed both at the Hellenic Sales Institute, where ELED had undertaken all internet communication, as well as at social network consulting services at Lite Lime S.A. . The close cooperation with them, confirmed the reputation that follows them: impeccable professionals, with a high level of service, emphasis on detail, honest and focused on the goal and above all value for money.
I unreservedly recommend any collaboration with them in any social - digital section.

George Efstathopoulos - Litelime S.A.
Litelime S.A.

Our cooperation with the ELED team for the construction of the website of the North Aegean Region (www.pvaigaiou.gov.gr) has been excellent. Our communication in all phases of the project was excellent. The perfectly trained staff of the company with impeccable professionalism and consistency gave immediate and fast solutions to our requests, completing the difficult and demanding task of implementation in a short time. The perfect, from an aesthetic and functional point of view, result of the website satisfied all of us.

Sofia Svinderikou - North Aegean Region
orth Aegean Region

ELED and IpHost, a collaboration to imitate.

All the kids in the team are great, they make development seem like an easy and mostly enjoyable project. They embrace the jobs as if they were their own, as if the companies that ask for them belong to them. They have the talent to see things many times much clearer and to untangle situations. Always in the midst of technological developments pushing each other deep.
We do not need to say much about the 15 years of cooperation that does not decrease but ties, they speak for themselves. As for Apostolos, what can I say? After so many years, I no longer consider him a collaborator but a very good friend.

Babis Toulkaridis - IP HOST

Flawless partners!

Paparizos Nasos - Ergomac Ltd.
Ergomac Ltd.

The best company that anyone can choose for the construction of their website. They are impeccable professionals and very fast in their work without sacrificing its quality. I highly recommend it.

Andronis Spyros - HappyNails

Without many words "THE BEST"

Lefteriotis Babis - Autoscoop

Excellent partners with professionalism and reliability. Surely your mother agrees.

Ismini Pappa - Happy Hippie
Happy Hippie

My professional contact with the company ELED started in November 2017, after a market research in the field of web design / development, when the service in which I work as an IT specialist, namely the National Broadcasting Council (ES). R.), was preparing for the competition of television licenses nationwide and had to upgrade its (old) website before the start of the competition. This was done in a timely manner and with great success through the technical team of ELED and especially Panagiotis Batas, who in collaboration with the specialized staff of ESR, designed and implemented the new website, which is friendly, fast and extremely useful. The cooperation with ELED continues uninterruptedly since then, with additions and improvements to the website and is expected to continue for many more years ...

George Kapetanios - ESR

The cooperation with ELED and its executives is impeccable, professional and gives the best results. Choosing a reliable partner, who will always be by your side, gives added value to each project. I highly recommend it !!

Jenny Anastasiadou - SoEasy - Draculis
SoEasy - Draculis

Very serious and professional treatment. After a long collaboration, I can say with confidence that he is a very reliable partner.

Elias Dedousis - AKRITAS S.A.

High professionalism, impeccable communication, friendly mood, reliability, pioneering ideas, efficiency are just some of what one could say about ELED. The people of ELED, always willing and friendly, create conditions for a pleasant and efficient cooperation, while their deep knowledge in the highly demanding field of technology and their speed of response to any request for cooperation offer a feeling of security and safety. From the side of the company Akritas, we thank the people of ELED for our long-term cooperation.

Maria Varsamakidou - AKRITAS S.A.

Flawless cooperation, very good support at affordable prices

Mary Tsoudi - Beauties Cosmetics
Beauties Cosmetics

Finding an internet service provider is easy. The difficult thing is to find people who provide high quality services, with honesty, humanity, know-how, good prices. We may forget that companies are not impersonal. Especially when the professionals you will work with undertake to promote your business to people who may not know you, it is very important that they know their job and do not look at the temporary profit.The Hellenic Internet Company, I do not know if it has the best professionals (my opinion is that it has them), but it certainly has the best kids who listen to your "want", study the "I can" - yours and your business - and you suggest (and implement) the best solution.

Kyriazis Dimitris - Peanuts

I recently collaborated with ELED for the second time and this proves that I trust them unconditionally for the construction of a remarkable website.
The team is very well trained and always available to answer any question or for the immediate implementation of any changes.
The only thing I would like to mention, if, and somewhat justified due to the difficult times we are going through, is the discounting of services.

Smara Ayacatsica - agiakatsika.gr

ELED was recommended to me by a very good friend, mainly for the professionalism and seriousness they show in each project, regardless of whether it is a large company or a family business, as it was in our case. In fact, we saw this in practice during the implementation of our first website. From the very first discussions they understood the style we wanted to move and the whole development of the project went smoothly, with proper guidance and an excellent final result. It is worth noting the excellent comments we have received so far not only from our partners, but also from people who are on the internet and who usually have a more experienced and strict eye ... A big thank you to the whole team!

Cleopatra Kogia - Kogias Dairy

Many thanks to Apostolis, Litsa, Meropi, Panagiotis and the whole team of ELED for the support and effort you have provided to Aquaria, The Yacht Experts, all these years.

We started this ride together from scratch exchanging ideas and discussions until we get the best result, which is personally appreciated and despite the fact that we are thousands of miles away!!!
Thank you for the great service you have provided to Aquaria.
Thank you for your creativity and hard work.
Thank you for your expertise.
Thank you being a great partner throughout al these years.

I love to recommend ELED to anyone (which I have done many times) who needs website design, graphic design, web support, social media promotion, creative marketing ideas etc because you are just simply the best!!!

Keep up the good work guys!!
God bless you all.

Demi Profi - Aquaria, The Yacht Experts
Aquaria, The Yacht Experts

I do not even remember who introduced me to ELED and Apostolis Andrianakos. But I definitely owe him / her a favor. Apart from the excellent company that Apostolos and his team have created, I have gained a friend and a person who can address anything that has to do with the Internet.
I do not think this is my privilege, though. Apostolos loves his job so much that he wins with the passion and perfectionism of every client he comes in contact with. I am glad that I met the family of ELED, I am glad that they stood by me in every project. Together we created the site for autoimmune diseases http://www.maxi.org.gr (In fact, ELED made it for free) together we made the site of my company http://www.updateentertainment.com and together we prepare many interesting things.

If you need experts but and friends, contact ELED and you will remember me

Elli Spyropoulou - Update Entertainment
Update Entertainment

After 4 years of my cooperation with the company ELEM, I believe that it is a company with informed and pleasant staff. They offer the right tools and knowledge for the best possible result. As a consumer, I highly recommend it !!

Eugenios Zacharopoulos - ZTools

Our cooperation with ELED started about 2 years ago with the assignment of the construction of our e-shop. From the selection process we saw that we were dealing with people who spoke our language and understood our needs very quickly and easily. We decided to continue our cooperation with the technical support of the online store and with their support, regarding the promotion of our e-shop on Google.

The quality of the people of ELED is exceptional, but also their help is very important. They know their job very well and do it with love and zeal, without the usual tactic "we know everything and you know nothing" (customer intimidation).

We have an excellent cooperation and we are very happy.

G. Dasios - Diana

In any collaboration, the willingness to be a helper in the effort of the other, is very important. The team of ELED, from the general manager to the receptionist, show from the first moment that they have the will and intention to help you and give you added value. And the most impressive thing is that they do it with exactly the same intensity and passion whether it concerns an important and complex project or just a pro bono collaboration, or even when it just concerns my son's amateur blog!

I collaborated with ELED for the creation of a technologically advanced site with e-shop development, as well as in the creation and support of important initiatives such as site design and support through social networks for the Hellenic Sales Institute, for Future Leaders Hellas and for the Entrepreneurship Club and the Kouros Awards.

In all the same cutting-edge technology, the same innovation of thought and design and the same intention and mood to help you achieve your goal.

George Bakos - Zeritis Group
Entrepreneurship Club

We started our cooperation with ELED about three years ago, at a very demanding time for us that the website of our company had to be "corrected" in order to build in a short time a professional presence on the internet. The staff of ELED embraced our work from the first moment and responded with the required consistency and responsibility. The construction industry, in which our company has a long-term successful presence, requires specialized knowledge and a lot of patience!!! The people of ELED understood our needs immediately, presented proposals that corresponded to the image of our company and helped (and are helping us) to achieve our corporate goals. In addition, the people of ELEM showed a high level of professionalism and a humane approach. We thank them!

Kalliopi Eleftheriou - www.eleftheriou.com.gr

You know how it is ... You decide to make a website and start going from company to company to find the best and most honest.

And you start opening doors. Ties of many designs and colors stand out in one. In another they give you a huge smile made of plastics and Botox so that it never goes out. In another you have to wear waterproof for the "licking" and you think how much I will pay for the coffee and the cookies you were offered. Depressed and tired, you open a door and suddenly you are either at home with friends or on the beach with friends or at the bar for a drink, with fun and goodies, wearing your simple everyday clothes and you say to yourself ... "I like the environment and the people are nice and simple ". And immediately like lightning comes the second thought ... "Wow !!! Will they be good at their job? Or are they just amateurs who are gossiping and I will lose my money?” Now I can answer with certainty after so many years, that I found in you associates, professionals with knowledge of their field and not only, friends with very good advice, people who run into your professional problems, with inexhaustible humor, calmness, good-nature, but unfortunately I have to say it ... It is not possible ... I will say it ... They are always hungry!!! What I have fed them all these years (croissants, cheese pies, cookies and endless sweets) is too much to count, they almost ate my hands as well...

Thank you very much for understanding our requests and our impeccable professional cooperation.

Δανάη Valamonte www.valamonte.gr

Our cooperation with the company ELED - Hellenic Internet Company started in 2005.

We collaborated with ELED in the context of the creation of the website of our office, as well as the acquisition of corporate e-mail (email).

In the busy schedule of everyday life, the excellent knowledge of their subject, their dynamics and organization were for us a support and solution to issues that we could not face.

The executives and associates of ELED are excellent professionals, with responsibility, reliability and immediacy. In issues that needed to be addressed immediately, with personal involvement and effort, without falling behind in ethics and with the appropriate friendly mood - and not at all impersonal - we were led immediately and effectively to resolve them.

With ELED we feel a team. We trust and rely on their knowledge, but there is also an exchange of views, always respecting each other's opinion and knowledge. And all this behind a screen or telephone device, but also live whenever needed.


"My story with ELED started about a year ago, when I was researching for a company to build my eshop. When I met and talked with Apostolos, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Friendly people, professionals, with an appetite for work, who know their job very well, "listen", advise and love what they do.

This was very important to me, because I wanted to know that there will always be someone on the other side of the phone, since the process of building a website requires a lot of communication and raises hundreds of questions.

The help, the support, the great ideas I got were invaluable at every stage. Our collaboration continues with technical support about for 6 months now, after the completion of the project and I am always happy when I hear Litsa's voice picking up the phone!

Thank you very much dear Meropi for your patience, good mood and calmness!"

Machi Karatza - Happy Organic

With the Hellenic Internet Company, we have collaborated and are collaborating to build our corporate website (The website, due to the fact that it is a living organization, we consider that it wants some adaptations, which depends on us).

At this stage the result corresponds to what was requested by your company.

The service and response was impeccable.

The people of ELED, are characterized by cooperation, are knowledgeable about the subject and are one step ahead of the implementation, depositing experience and time.

In closing, let us say that the overall experience from your cooperation with ELED is excellent. We are absolutely happy for our choice, in the face of your company.

Konstantinos Sgouros - Partner HARVERST SELECT S.A.

Undoubtedly our cooperation with the Hellenic Internet Company, covered and satisfied all our "wants"

The service during the construction was more than impeccable

As for the implementation time, what more to say… Faster than a …F-16

The people of ELED are characterized by kindness, knowledge of the subject, service, happy and have always been and are with us.

For the total experience from our cooperation with ELEM, not much is needed λοιπόν Without many words… let's go for the next jobs together !!!

Additionally to say to the lads of ELED: the girls… and your eyes

Glad to work with you !!!

Sophocles Botonakis - CEO stereaeconomy.gr

With the Hellenic Internet Company, we collaborated in the reconstruction of the website www.eps-ath.gr
Our new website includes everything we had thought and considered important for its renewal, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of usability and accessibility.
Throughout the construction of our new website, the service from the people of ELED was excellent. Their response to any of our requests was very immediate and was always characterized by reliability and efficiency.
The implementation time was in accordance with what was agreed. There was no delay in the implementation time on the part of ELED.
The people of ELED are characterized by consistency, reliability, diligence, high know-how and, above all, social sensitivity.
Our cooperation with ELED was a very pleasant experience, which exceeded our initial expectations. When you see technical companies that have a human profile, you can only want to work with them!

Alexia Chamodraka - Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door

Starting to build a corporate site (e-shop) for the fourth time, I did not imagine that the cooperation with ELED would be the ideal partner for us.

The entire ELED team is highly trained and professional with a human face and I felt in every action that they worked before us for us.

Thank you very much for our cooperation so far.

Antonis Darmis - DK Tools

With the contribution of ELED, our website www.tetras.com.gr was created, user-friendly, functional and modern!
Throughout our cooperation we had excellent communication, while the entire team of ELED managed our needs with professionalism, respect and consistency.

The choice of the Hellenic Internet Company justified us and is expected to be a valuable partner for our company in the future.

Eleni Choropanidou - TETRAS

Ethics, professionalism and courtesy are the hallmarks of all members of the ELED team.
Personally, I have received a lot of support and attention, a lot of strategic advice, at every stage of our cooperation.
I unreservedly recommend ELED!

Stathis Plakakis - Funny Time

With ELED we created our online store. This is a reliable company with clear timelines and prompt response!
Apart from the excellent result of their work, there is something more important that is hard to find today: Friendly communication, understanding, patience and willingness to help and serve!

Hrimbaki Sophia - Fatsa Attica
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