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Web applications (online tools or web software) for special projects.

We try to figure out a name for this section.
You see, it is rather uncommon and therefore does not have a common name, to create online application for every need a client might have.

For us, there is no
“this can’t be done”.

Let s see what Web applications or Web app is all about.
A Web app is a software that allows users to perform coordinated functions or commands online.
Advantages over desktop applications (Local Computer Applications)
- Access from anywhere
- Multiple users at the same time
- No software installation required
For us, there is no <br/>“this can’t be done”.

We create applications from scratch

Here at ELED, we create applications from scratch, depending on your requirements / needs. You do not adapt your needs to existing applications that may exist, but the application is fully adapted to your needs. Thus, there are no restrictions on application functions and capabilities.
In addition, custom applications, like ours, are easily adapted to possible future modifications to your needs.
We create applications from scratch
See below, some of the applications
that "can't be done”.

Create Online Custom Labels

You want to print your own special sweet bonbon, for the special moment of your life, but you don't know what it will look like. Now you know.

With the online application "Design your own printed bonbon" for the leading company Chatzigiannakis. You can select the bonbon, background color, writing type, design etc. and ... you make your own unique / personal pastry.

Url: http://hatziyiannakis.gr/designed-printed-dressed/

Create Online Custom Labels

Online Courses with Web Conference (LMS)

Interactive e-learning with Learning Management System (LMS) exclusively developed by ELED.

Live / Realtime interactive lessons in Virtual classroom

Online Courses with Web Conference (LMS)

Matchmaking Platform

Innovative online tool for exhibitor appointments.
Choice of time and room. Monitoring system with reports.

The application was awarded in e-volution awards (2016)

Matchmaking Platform

Online Tool with Facebook Application

Can you imagine yourself with a different hair color?

Yes you can! You can even share your image online on facebook to ask their opinion. An excellent job, on behalf of Apivita, under the title "Your Hair Talks", in collaboration with ATTP, which applied to both the website (Web App) and Facebook (Facebook App)

Online Tool with Facebook Application

Booking System

Field trip with or without children, with or without breakfast, pick up point, with or without lunch, in one or two rooms, at what cost? Excursion will eventually take place or not? Will I need a second bus? Those are just a few of the features our booking system can do.

It fins aplication to excursions, tourist services, tennis courts and more.

It can calculate the cost online, taking into account dozens of parameters.

Booking System

Brochure Design for Offset and Digital Printing - Online Store Connection

One of our most demanding project, of which we are extremely proud of. The user uploads his file, selects the type of print, the type of paper, the quantity, and everything else is done automatically. The application developed by our company selects the optimum paper size to ensure maximum savings, arrange printing on it, selects the ideal printing machine and creates the quote online. The user accepts and proceeds to order.

The selected options calculate the price as well as what the proper printing machine is.

Url: http://myprinter.gr/offset_demo.php

Brochure Design for Offset and Digital Printing - Online Store Connection

Uw Thermal Permeability Calculation

The program applies the Uw type of EN ISO 10077-1: 2006 for the calculation of window - door heat transfer. Only those who are familiar can understand how important and difficult is to calculate such indicators online.


Uw Thermal Permeability Calculation
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