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A few words about us or

why choose Hellenic Internet Company...

A few words about us

Our story begins in 2005. September the 15th is the day we celebrate our birthday. 15 years and we are still going strong! Let's look at the reasons why:
  • All of the websites we develop have excellent search engine results (SEO - Search Engine Optimization).
  • Our solutions are tailored to each customer's needs.
  • We are have deep knowledge of the security guides when designing a website.

We have implemented very complex projects and that make us very proud and at the same time confidenct that we can meet any challenge:

A few words about us
  • Both the website of the “Ministry of Citizen Protection” and the website of the “Hellenic Police Headquarters” are distinguished for their high level of security. Probably some of the most complex projects we have implemented. The security guidelines we followed made them undoubtedly some of the safest (if not the safest) sites in the country. Hacker attacks are daily and too many to count.
  • Police Online, is one of the largest web projects implemented in our country. Our company has created a web application where people can get updates about the stage at which their requests are.
  • Easygnosis.com, the first interactive e-learning platform implemented by a Learning Management System (LMS), developed exclusively by a Greek company.

We do not distinguish...

...our customers to small or large. For us, they are all very big. Certainly some are more recognizable than others but that is of no significance beyond a good portfolio.

Perhaps because of this we have been awarded the greatest sertificate of them all: their trust. More than 48% of our clients came to us as a referral from an other client.

We do not distinguish...

Your e-Partner

Your online partner should be always there for you in your time of need. The after sales service is probably one of our strongest suits. For us, the collaboration does not end with the building of a website: it begins with it!

The notorious ROI is not a cliché for us. First of all we act as your consultants, we analyze and study the details of each project, we even disagree with you (if we have to...!) and then we implement.

Your e-Partner

We have the knowhow

We have developed websites for almost every type of service. This way we gained experiences and we know what our customer’s customer expects to see.

We provide services dedicated exclusively to the digital world. We couldn't be that good at other things and we don't like to say we do something if we can't do it perfectly.

We have the knowhow

We enjoy what we do

We are a team that enjoy ourselves at our workplace. And we enjoy every project we develop! Everything we create must, first of all, be liked by us. We do not always succeed though (our wishes and knowledge do not match our customers’)!

We also make mistakes as well. And yes, we do recognize them. And we do learn from them even though they are fewer and fewer . But rest assured that if we do, we will admit it. It is annoying to work with “know-it-all guys” and we don't want to be one of them.

We enjoy what we do
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